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Bulkhead Construction in NY

In recent years, beach erosion has become a prominent point of concern for waterfront property owners. Now, and perhaps more than ever, residents and municipalities are taking proactive measures to avoid emergencies down the road.

As township officials strategize how to repair the damage caused by beach erosion, homeowners and business owners can take action by calling Coastal Marine Construction, LLC for bulkhead construction, marine repair, and installation.

About our Bulkhead Construction Installation Methods

Construction and installation of a bulkhead can control beach erosion and protect your waterfront property. Also known as seawalls, riprap or bulkheading, bulkheads are retaining walls made of strong, durable materials that form a protective barrier between a body of water and the shoreline.

Protecting your waterfront property with these barriers can add value to your property and extend the life of your home or business. Installing protective seawalls also benefits the environment by preventing the erosion of beaches where crucial ecosystems are located.

Some of the areas we protect include: Long Island, NY, Fire Island, NY, Hampton Bays, NY, Suffolk County, NY, Blue Point, NY, Bay Shore, NY

Premium Quality Piling Products for Bulkhead Construction

The most commonly used construction materials for bulkhead installation are wood, vinyl, concrete, helical pilings, and steel sheet pilings. Helical pilings are used to secure and strengthen existing foundations and bulkheads. They are particularly useful when reinforcing failing structures, and it is important that these be installed by the pros. Steel sheet pilings are ideal for heavy, commercial buildings that are near deep water.

At Coastal Marine Construction, we use only the most durable materials that have been checked for their quality and their suitability to the task at hand. We will install the appropriate size and style of the bulkhead for your waterfront property. With newly built bulkheads protecting your property, you can look forward to several years free from worrying about the ocean's eroding effects.

Existing, weathered bulkheads on your property are susceptible to significant damage, no matter how old they are. Bulkheads endure massive amounts of stress after their installation, including damage due to excessive loads, old age and exposure to the elements.

Are you concerned about the safety of your waterfront property or the effectiveness of your existing bulkheads? If so, contact us to get started on enhancing the safety of your property and adding value to your home. Call 631-790-4440 for more information about the custom jobs we can do for you and your family, business, and township. Coastal Marine Construction is New York’s most trusted marine construction and pier repair company. We look forward to showing you why…