Pier Repair

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Docks & Piers

Piers in Suffolk County and Nassau County frequently fall victim to damage from old age, seasonal elements and tropical storms. Don’t stress: While it’s near impossible to prevent chaotic waves from punishing the coast, Coastal Marine Construction, LLC, makes it incredibly easy to shield your property from structural damage.

Dock Repairs That Last

In addition to building and installing sturdy pilings and rot-proof decks, we will also install the correct railing, mooring and other dock features for the safety and security of you, your crew and your fleet. We also have expertise about vessel storage installations ranging from floating docks to boat lifts.

Pier Constuction You Can Trust

Professional dock appearances go a long way when making a first impression for your home or business. Docks, especially residential ones, are an aesthetic feature as much as they are functional; so during the construction process, our builders design each dock to look appealing and add value to your waterfront property. Our wood and composite materials withstand damage and decay so that you can enjoy a safe and sturdy dock for years to come.

Coastal Marine Construction performs high-quality, long-lasting pier repair. We fix storm damage and wear from age and exposure, and we strengthen piers to protect them from future corrosion, rust, and foundational fractures.

When performing pier repair, we first consult with you to understand your intentions and address any concerns about any damage that needs attention. Our pier builders will then thoroughly inspect your residential or commercial pier for fissures, unstable pilings, decay and other problems. Finally, we will repair and reconstruct the pier’s deck, pilings, and moorings from sturdy wood or composite materials to ensure it stays study for years to come.

Whether your pier has been significantly damaged by severe storms, or is showing the first signs of age, don’t wait to repair it — the structural damage will only intensify. By Calling Coastal Marine Construction, LLC, our pier builders can restore your pier to its original waterfront glory.