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Piling Products

Coastal Marine Construction specializes in securely installing a variety of pilings that serve multiple purposes. They are used to stabilize the foundation of multiple structures ranging from large beach houses to industrial docks.

Although they are commonly associated with lumber, pilings do not exclusively refer to wooden structures; the term also encompasses driving steel pipe, precast concrete, and steel sheet piles. There are many applications for pilings, so naturally, there are a few different types from which to choose.

House Pilings

These wooden beams are used to support heavy structures along virtually any body of water. House piles are an ideal way to avoid flooding and structural damage, and they are a great investment for waterfront properties that lack solid ground.

Steel Sheet Pilings

Just picture the businesses along the boardwalk, often housing thousands of people and hundreds of buildings and attractions. Before you can build the Ferris wheel, you will need sufficient stability to support the riders and to keep everybody safe.

Helical Pilings

Helical piles are of the utmost importance. They protect the very things that protect you. These pilings are commonly used for reinforcing bulkheads and structural foundations that shield coastal buildings from crashing waves and vicious storms.

Using Piling to Increase Your Properties Resale Value

Coastal Marine Construction realizes you put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into your investments. From houses and storefronts to boats and jet skis, it is imperative to be proactive just in case disaster strikes.

From assessing boat lifts to reinforcing your existing infrastructure, Coastal Marine Construction takes pride in putting together unique plans and marine construction projects that are affordable, functional, and durable.